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    It's Fans First

    Ticketmaster is the only authorized seller of tickets to our concerts & events.  Fans purchasing from third party vendors are at risk of paying more than face value or purchasing fraudulent tickets! Here are some tips to ensure you are buying from the right site:

    • Ticketmaster – or are the only authentic URL’s for Ticketmaster purchases – don’t be fooled by fake sites. Make sure you check that the URL is spelled correctly.
    • Canadian funds – all tickets are sold in Canadian funds. If you’re being charged in US funds it’s a red flag
    • Ticket Prices– if you are being charged significantly more than the value listed on our website for tickets, it’s a red flag
    • Seat Location – if you are not given a specific seat location, it’s a red flag. Legitimate tickets will list a section, row and seat location. Watch out for wording like “around” or “here or better”

    We don’t want to see fans get taken advantage of, so please only use the authorized dealer to purchase tickets to our concerts & events.

    Casino Rama Resort is not responsible for tickets purchased through third party sites and cannot offer refunds, discounts or replacement tickets for third party issued tickets.

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