How to Play Spanish 21

    An exciting version of Blackjack that uses a 48-card deck instead of the standard 52-card deck. In this game, all the 10’s are removed. Spanish 21 also offers additional bonus payouts and a unique “Match the Dealer” feature that adds an element of thrill.

    All Bonus 21 Payouts are made on the following non-doubled hands totaling 21:

    Winning Hand Payout Odds
    5 card 21 3 to 2
    6 card 21 2 to 1
    7 + card 21 3 to 1
    6-7-8 mixed suits 3 to 2
    6-7-8 same suits 2 to 1
    6-7-8 all spades 3 to 1
    7-7-7 mixed suits 3 to 2
    7-7-7 same suits 2 to 1
    7-7-7 all spades 3 to 1

    Match the Dealer bet:

    When the Player makes the “Match the Dealer” wager, the Player must also make a regular Spanish 21 bet. The Dealer checks the cards of all Players with the “Match the Dealer” wager to see if either of their first two cards match the Dealer’s up card. Players are paid for each card where there is a match. If both cards match, both cards are paid.

    Matches for the winning Players are paid accordingly:

    Winning Hand Payout Odds
    1 Unsuited Match 3 to 1
    2 Unsuited Match 6 to 1
    1 Suited Match 12 to 1
    1 Unsuited /1 Suited 15 to 1
    2 Suited Match 24 to 1

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