Conditions for Casino Entry and Prize Policy

    Entry to Casino Rama Resort is granted based on the following:


    Individuals entering Casino Rama Resort must be:

    (a)          19 years of age or older (to enter Gaming Floor and Entertainment Centre) with valid government issued photo identification (If individuals appear to be 21 years of age or younger, two pieces of identification will be required);

    (b)          Not exhibiting obvious signs of intoxication; and

    (c)          In compliance with site dress code.

    The following individuals are not permitted access to Casino Rama Resort:

    (a)          Individuals participating in a self-exclusion process established by OLG, unless the individual is accessing the gaming site in the course of their employment;

    (b)          Individuals believed to be excluded from the site under subsection 3.6(1) of the Gaming Control Act, 1992 (i.e., AGCO Direction to Exclude);

    (c)          Individuals restricted from accessing the gaming site as a condition of a court order; and

    (d)          Individuals issued trespasses as determined by Casino Rama Resort, or the OLG, prohibiting their entrance onto the property.

    Dress Code

    This patron dress code is in effect at Casino Rama Resort:

    Shirts and footwear must be worn.

    No weapons are permitted.

    The following are prohibited:

    (a)          Clothing that is identifiable with Motorcycle clubs;

    (b)          Clothing that is soiled;

    (c)          Clothing  with  offensive,  profane,  violent  or  vulgar  wording  and/or graphics; and

    (d)          Clothing giving the false impression that the person is a Police Officer or Security Officer.

    In addition to the dress code requirements outlined above, gaming site management reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons in attire that is deemed to be inappropriate for a place of public assembly.


    Patrons are not permitted to bring their own liquor for consumption into any liquor licensed area of Casino Rama Resort.

    Patrons are permitted to bring sealed alcohol purchased from the LCBO to their hotel room for personal use.

    We reserve the right to confiscate and/or refuse alcohol in the hotel room in situations of disorderly conduct or suspicion that the person(s) is/are intoxicated.

    Prize Policy

    The following individuals are prohibited from gaming:

    (a)          An individual under nineteen (19) years of age;

    (b)          Individuals who appear to be intoxicated;

    (c)          Individuals enrolled/ participating in the self-exclusion program;

    (d)          An individual restricted by court order;

    (e)          Individuals who have been excluded from the site under direction of the Regulator - subsection 3.6 (1) of the Gaming Control Act, 1992;

    (f)          Officers, members of the board of directors or partners of the Operator;

    (g)          Registered gaming assistants of an Operator or OLG employed at any gaming site operated by the Operator or OLG;

    (h)          Executives or staff of a trade union who represent or negotiate on behalf of employees employed at the site;

    (i)          Employees of registered suppliers who maintain or repair gaming equipment at the site;

    (j)          Members or employees of the AGCO;

    (k)          Officers, members of the board of directors, or employees of OLG, unless they are within the description set out in subsection 22(6) of Ontario Regulation 78/12 (i.e. they are registered as category 2 gaming assistants or otherwise not required to be registered by the AGCO).

    Please note that all of the above mentioned individuals (with the exception of individuals who appear to be intoxicated) are also prohibited from winning a prize.

    Any of the above individuals found to be playing a lottery scheme will be removed from the facility and may be subject to our Trespass Policy and charges accordingly.  In addition, if any of the above individuals (with the exception of individuals who appear to be intoxicated) win a prize while playing a lottery scheme, they will not be paid the prize.

    Prize Disentitlement

    In instances where a prohibited individual is identified, no prize payment shall be made.

    For the purpose of this Policy, "Jackpot" is defined only to include a single disbursement of currency, currency equivalent (eg. Casino chips) or non-monetary asset meeting any of the following criteria:

    (a)          A progressive jackpot on a table game that is won as a result of a player's participation in a  bonus side bet;

    (b)          Winnings resulting from a player's participation in a slot or table games tournament;

    (c)          A progressive jackpot on a poker table (ie., a "Bad Beat" jackpot, DEQ);

    (d)          A jackpot from a slot machine or other electronic gaming device that results in a handpay; or

    (e)          A non-monetary asset (eg., an automobile) awarded to an individual resulting from the individual's participation in a lottery scheme (eg., a car won on a slot machine).

    A "Prize" means:

    (a)          A Jackpot value at $10,000 (CAD) or more; or

    (b)          Any other jackpot which, if awarded, would result in an Operator being required by applicable anti-money laundering legislation to request the identification of a player.

    For more information or if you have questions regarding entry to Casino Rama Resort, please call us at 1-800-832-7529.

Must be 19+ years of age to visit Casino Rama Resort's Entertainment Centre, gaming floor and select restaurants and not trespassed or self-excluded from Casino Rama Resort or any OLG property to visit the property, participate in promotions or redeem offers. For full conditions for Casino Rama Resort entry, click here.

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