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Technical Information

Casino Rama Resort’s Technical Information

Download the information you need before you arrive at Casino Rama.
(If you would like to save the files, right-click the item and select “save target as” or “save link as”.)

01_Casino Rama Quick Reference Info (PDF)

This PDF includes Casino Rama Venue information, all contacts, phone numbers and e-mail as well as a summary of technical information.

02_Casino Rama Technical Exhibits (PDF)

This PDF contains the complete listing of Lighting, Video, Audio, Staging and Backline equipment.

02v_Casino Rama Technical Exhibit - Video Specs (PDF)

This PDF contains Exhibit A3 - Video equipment.

03_Casino Rama Directions (PDF)

This PDF contains directions to Casino Rama Resort.

04_Casino Rama Lighting House Plot (.zip file)

This .zip file contains the House Lighting Plot PDF files for Casino Rama Venue. It is approx. 1.5MB in size.

05_Casino Rama Stage Rigging And Rigging Steel (.zip file)

This .zip file contains Casino Rama Rigging PDF files. It is approx. 1.4MB in size.

06_Casino Rama Stage Layout (.zip file)

This .zip file contains Casino Rama Stage Layout and Drape and Masking PDF files.

07_Casino Rama Lighting Console Information (PDF)

This PDF contains information about Lighting Consoles at Casino Rama.

08_Casino Rama Digital Audio Console Information (PDF)

This PDF contains information about Digital Audio Consoles at Casino Rama.

09_Casino Rama Venue Security and Meeting (PDF)

This PDF contains information on the Venue Security policies and security meeting information.

10_Casino Rama Dressing Room Layouts (PDF)

This PDF contains information about the first and second floor dressing rooms and backstage offices in the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre.

11_Casino Rama Entertainment Centre Photos (PDF)

This PDF contains photos pertaining to the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre. The file is approx 1.1MB.

12_Casino Rama Local Info (PDF)

This PDF includes information on the local area including local maps, clinics, laundry, truck and bus wash and services.

13_Casino Rama Seating Chart (PDF)

This PDF is a drawing showing the venue seating layout. The file is approx. 2.2MB in size.
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Casino Rama Resort is committed to providing its goods and services in ways that respect the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. To view our full Accessible Customer Service policy, please click here.